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Kind ∙ Vegan ∙ 90%+ Natural ∙ Dermatologist Approved ∙ Suitable For All Skin ∙ Made in England ∙ 30%+ PCR materials ∙ Recyclable Packaging*


Why Did you pick the name Fruit Works?

Well, because when it comes to your skin, fruit really does work!

Our little team of skincare junkies have created what we think is the ultimate line up of products for head to toe glow that utilise the very best performing fruity ingredients for the job.

Are your products safe + skin friendly?

Our formulations are always tested for safety and efficacy.

In fact, we go one step further than most other brands and have all of our products 'Dermatologist Approved'.

This means that a Dermatologist was present during the testing to give their seal of approval that our formulas are effective on every skin type – even sensitive skin!

Are your products tested on animals?

We never test on animals and do not source ingredients that have been tested on animals.

We are 100% Vegan, Kind + Cruelty-Free.

How long is the shelf life? Do the formulas change colors?

All of our products can be used up to a year after opening, depending on when you open them (each of our products has a PAO symbol on with a number, this number is the period of months after opening that it is safe to use the product).

We recommend that you use them regularly once opened and make sure you store them somewhere where they don't get prolonged and consistent exposure to high temperatures, humidity and exposure to sunlight or air as this may compromise the formula's performance and colour.

Why is some of the packaging slightly discoloured?

Good question! We have made a commitment that where possible, we will include a minimum of 30% PCR (post consumer recycled) materials in our packaging and that everything is 100% recyclable*.

The recycling of plastics is one part of the solution needed to create a circular economy.

It turns waste into raw materials and ensures that these are kept in use, therefore reducing the need for new virgin plastics.

The recycled plastics can come from old juice cartons, milk cartons or plastic packaging that was destined for landfill or our oceans.

This sometimes causes a slight grey tint to our clear bottles. It kind of gives it a unique look that tells a heroic story of where it has come from :)

Where are your products made?

Fruit Works products are all made + manufactured in England.

Unlike most brands, we have made a commitment to make all of our product in England meaning we can work closely with our manufacturers and ensure the product quality we want.

It also means we can control our carbon footprint from production and shipping.

Are Fruit Works products 'All Natural'?

We are not 100% natural, we are 90%+ 'naturally derived'. We blend safe synthetics + naturally derived extracts to create our formulas.

That's because some 'Natural' ingredients can actually be irritating to the skin - safe synthetics are in fact cleaner + specifically designed to deliver skin benefits with minimal to no irritation.

They also help with the stability and longevity of the product.

What does 'Naturally derived' mean?

An ingredient is referred to as 'naturally derived' when a natural ingredient has been used to access other properties of the raw material, for example natural fatty acids.

These elements are key to create skincare products, i.e. the emulsifiers and preservatives that could be used in your moisturisers.

We make conscious choices to source as many raw materials from nature as opposed to creating them synthetically, which is why we aim to have 90%+ naturally derived ingredient across all Fruit Works products.

Can I use Fruit Works products if I'm pregnant?

Yes! All of our products are completely safe to use when pregnant

Are your products Vegan friendly?


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally, orders will be processed within 3 business days.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as orders process + ship.

For more details, please head to the 'delivery + returns section' on the website.

How can I get free UK shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders of £25 or more!

Do you need to ask something else?

Sure, get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Please email us at or DM us on the socials and we will try to get back to you as fast as we can.

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