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Clean Beauty Day

Clean Beauty Day

With growing concerns about ingredients, sustainability, and ethical practices, the concept of ‘clean beauty’ has become much more important to everyone. But what does clean beauty mean?

What is Clean Beauty?

There are loads of definitions of ‘Clean beauty’ but typically it is an approach to beauty that prioritises products that are safe, have non-toxic ingredients, and are ethically sourced and produced. It puts transparency, sustainability, and health front and centre without compromising on effectiveness.

Our Products and formulas

So, how about Fruit Works products? Firstly, we are 90%+ natural, this means we blend safe synthetics + natural extracts to create our formulas. Some natural ingredients can be irritating to the skin so safe synthetics can be cleaner and specifically designed to deliver skin benefits with minimal to no irritation. They also help with the stability of the product and help it stay effective longer.

Our formulations are always tested for safety and efficacy. In fact, we go one step further than most other brands and have all our products dermatologist approved.

We are also cruelty free! We never test on animals and do not source ingredients that have been tested on animals. We are 100% vegan, kind + cruelty free.

In terms of what we don’t have - All our products are free from Silicones, SLS, Sulphates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Gluten, Microbeads and Microplastics. These are harmful in formulas and therefore we keep these out, harnessing the power of natural sources, which for us is mainly fruit!

Made in England

At Fruit Works, we are committed to ensuring that all decisions we make have an eco-agenda, so to make the most impact possible, we want to limit our carbon impact and promote a circular economy.

All our products are made + manufactured in England to enable us to monitor and minimise our carbon footprint from production to shipping, we are also currently working on understanding each product’s carbon impact too. Our commitment to making all of our products in England means we can work closely with our manufacturers and ensure the product quality we want.

Our Packaging

We are committed to ensuring that we include a minimum of 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials in our packaging and are striving towards our packaging being 100% recyclable. Currently, all our packaging is fully recyclable apart from the mist pump, which although can’t be recycled from home, can be put in a beauty recycling point you can find at many high street drugstores.

The recycling of plastics is one part of the solution needed to create a circular economy. It turns waste into raw materials and ensures that these are kept in use, therefore reducing the need for new virgin plastics. Why not 100% PCR? Well, we want to ensure that what we promise, we can deliver and although 100% PCR may sound good, it’s not sustainable for eternity; there will come a point at which new virgin plastics have to be put back into the system to ensure product quality and reliability.

For more information on ingredients and recyclability of our products, please visit the individual product pages.

Happy clean beauty day!

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